The Explosion Behind the Low Code No Code Solutions 

Low code no code

In this technology-driven world, programming skills are evolving rapidly, yet the entire programming process may soon become a cakewalk. This transformation is powered by low code no code platforms, enabling the swift creation of digital products. These platforms have garnered significant attention, offering organizations a streamlined path to digital transformation.  

A report from Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70% of new applications will be developed using low code no code platforms. This article explores the explosion behind these solutions, examining their benefits, challenges, and future prospects. 
Table of Contents 

  1. Understanding Low Code No Code 
  2. Citizen Developers: Who Are They? 
  3. Solving the Skill Shortage 
  4. Benefits of Low Code No Code Solutions 
  5. Impact on Digital Services 
  6. Future Prospects 

            Understanding Low Code No Code 

            Low Code Platforms 

            Low code platforms offer an intuitive approach to application development, requiring minimal coding. They utilize drag-and-drop functionality and logic-driven graphical interfaces instead of extensive programming. A report from Mendix highlights that low code development abstracts and automates every development lifecycle step, enabling rapid deployment and delivery of software solutions. The global low code market is projected to generate $187 billion in revenue by 2023. 

            No Code Platforms 

            No code platforms empower non-technical individuals to craft applications without writing code. Platforms like KissFlow provide a visual development environment, utilizing pre-defined components and drag-and-drop features. This allows for easy application development, making it accessible to those without any coding knowledge. 
            Know more about No Code platforms 

            Low Code No Code Platforms 

            Low code/no code platforms are visual development environments that enable app or website creation through graphical user interfaces, without programming. They offer a range of options, from building applications from scratch to managing content daily, bridging the gap between content management and development. 

            Citizen Developers: Who Are They? 

            The term “Citizen Developer,” introduced by Gartner, refers to employees who develop applications using low code no code platforms without formal software development training. These individuals, often business users outside of IT departments, leverage low code/no code opportunities to implement business ideas and solutions. 

            Solving the Skill Shortage 

            The technology industry faces a critical shortage of skilled developers. Low code development assists organizations by democratizing software production, involving business users in the development process. According to the Mendix State of Low Code 2021 report, 77% of businesses have adopted low code to meet customer demands, with 75% of IT executives recognizing its importance. 

            Key statistics from the report include: 

            • 56% of employees in organizations using low code are now using apps created on these platforms. 
            • Low code projects reduce costs by 53% and complete 56% faster. 
            • 33% of organizations use low code for mission-critical apps. 
            • Low code platforms handle 51% of daily development work for software developers. 

            Benefits of Low Code No Code Solutions 

            Accelerated Development 

            Low code no code platforms significantly speed up the development process, utilizing pre-built modules and drag-and-drop functionality. 

            Cost Efficiency 

            These platforms reduce the need for large development teams and extensive coding expertise, resulting in substantial cost savings. 

            Enhanced Collaboration 

            Low code/no code platforms facilitate collaboration between IT and business units, ensuring alignment with business needs. 

            Flexibility and Agility 

            Businesses can quickly adapt to changing market demands and customer requirements, with easy updates and modifications. 

            Better IT Governance 

            These platforms enable a collaborative work environment, eliminating third-party dependencies and promoting consistent modeling. 

            Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 

            Businesses can integrate services quickly, maintaining a consistent omnichannel experience for customers. 

            Impact on Digital Services 

            Low code no code platforms have transformed the IT industry, empowering non-technical individuals and providing businesses with autonomy. These platforms are not a replacement for developers but rather a complement, allowing developers to focus on complex tasks and add more business value. Proper understanding and support from the developer community are essential to prevent low code from resulting in low quality. 

            Future Prospects 

            The future of low code no code solutions looks promising, with advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning expected to enhance their capabilities. Integration with technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain will further expand their potential. As organizations continue to recognize the benefits, adoption is likely to increase, addressing current challenges and making these tools even more reliable. 

            The explosion behind low code no code solutions is driven by the need for rapid digital transformation, the shortage of skilled developers, and the shift towards remote work. These platforms offer numerous benefits, including accelerated development, cost efficiency, and enhanced collaboration. Challenges related to security, customization, and governance must be addressed, but with continuous advancements, low code no code solutions are set to play a pivotal role in the future of application development. 

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